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Particulate Treatment Systems

Coal-fired power plants are starting to gain more recognition in their ability to actually achieve stable power supply systems. Based on our long track record in transporting particulates and particulate treatment technology, SPE has a proven particulate management equipment supply system offering economic, safe and reliable solutions that boasts a long list of successful projects at power plants both domestically and abroad.

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Fly Ash Treatment Systems
SPE offers optimized fly ash transport systems with a range of vacuum and pressure-driven transport options. Fly ash is transported by air from electrostatic precipitator, air preheaters, and coal economizers to fly ash silos, where the fly ash is divided by the classifier into fine and rough particulates and put into each storage silo.
Fly Ash Treatment
Clinker Treatment Systems

For clinker deposits that collect and accumulate in ash hoppers under boiler units, in addition to systems that transport the deposits by water pressure to dehydration units for drying before sent onward by land or sea shipment, SPE also offers dry-type apron conveyor systems for transporting dry ash.

Clinker Treatment Systems
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