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Privacy Policy
Sumiju Plant Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we," "us," or "our") recognize that protecting personal information pertaining to customers, shareholders and clients/business contacts as well as our executives and regular employees is an important responsibility we must assume. Therefore, we strive to protect such information based on the following principles.
1. We will take appropriate and fair measures to obtain personal information. Accuracy of such information obtained shall be ensured while its safe management shall be exercised.
2. Any personal information, comment, inquiry, etc. sent to us will be used solely for the purpose of replying back to customers and/or providing better products/services.
3. Unless otherwise stipulated by law, we will not provide any personal information to a third party without prior consent of the individual.
4. We will only provide information that is necessary when delegating the handling of personal information to a contractor who will be required to manage such information under a contractual agreement, etc. and we will also exercise appropriate supervision.
5. We will implement appropriate and reasonable measures pertaining to information security to prevent personal information from getting lost, destroyed, altered, leaked, etc. and to stop any risks such as unauthorized access from outside.
6. Should the individual request his/her personal information to be disclosed, revised, not used any more, erased, etc., we shall respond immediately in a reasonable manner.
7. We will conduct training for our executives and regular employees so that they understand our private policy, contents of the company regulations and appropriate management and make sure that proper handling of personal information in daily operations is fully enforced.
8. We will designate a chief privacy officer who shall continuously review the contents of our private policy and structure of management to strive for maintenance and improvements.
March 2007
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